Connecting Art emerged from a Hackathon called #VersusVirus by the Swiss government in April 2020 in relation to the Covid 19 spreading.

Our team came out as winners of one of the major prizes, which we are currently investing into growing the platform. 

The various team members are based in Switzerland, however our HQ is technically in Zurich, Switzerland.

Team Members

Rosanna, Founder
Martin, Business Manager
Geoff, Social Media Manager
Christoph, Technology Manager

With increasing digital connectivity we are embarking on new times. It is now easier than never to connect dots and create value. At Connecting Art, we believe, audiences are the currency of the future. And we aim to build an audience around great art.

We are at the beginning of building a community of artists, art-lovers and people who generally enjoy the value of creativity. Join the project and become part of this journey.

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